10 good reasons to stay in Porrentruy

10 good reasons to stay in Porrentruy

There are of course more than 10 reasons to stay in Porrentruy, we wanted to offer you an exhaustive list!

1. A historic and quiet city

Porrentruy is a small, pleasant and very quiet town in the district of Ajoie, in the heart of the republic and canton of Jura in Switzerland. The paved city center will allow visitors to discover on foot all the streets that make up the charm of the old town of Porrentruy, in complete safety. Porrentruy’s charisma is enhanced by a rich cultural and historical heritage. Indeed, there is a castle, an old prison, the archives, the emblematic wild boar, the botanical garden, the famous train station that served as a transition during the world wars, the old hospital pharmacy, the alleys (small streets), the traces of dinosaurs in several places and other buildings and places to discover during your next stay.

2. Many stores and businesses

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Shopping fans will not be disappointed in Porrentruy. A large shopping center called “L’Esplanade” is present next to the old town. You will find many sports stores, clothes, shoes, telephony, florists but also restaurants, hairdressers and supermarkets. The old town is also home to many stores selling clothes, lingerie, craft beers, cosmetics, children’s clothing, souvenirs as well as jewelry and watch stores. We recall that the economic fabric of the Jura has been able to pull its “needle” out of the game in watchmaking subcontracting.

3. A party population

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The people of the Jura like to go out and in Porrentruy there are bars and nightclubs open until 4 am, even during the week. This is notably the case for the Red Bulb, Suite 23.6, the Carriage, the Atlantis, etc. You will find smoking bars, some aimed at a younger population, others more chic.

4. Welcoming the inhabitants

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You will probably notice a difference between the Jura mentality and that of your home town. Here, the inhabitants do not hesitate to say hello in the street, to help passers-by. There is a real sense of security and caring in this small town that will enhance the human side. Indeed, it is very likely that you will meet new people and expand your knowledge because everyone here knows each other.

5. Indoor and outdoor activities for everyone

Many activities are offered in Porrentruy and in the Ajoie region. Indeed, amateurs of various activities, you will find there a covered and closed swimming pool, allowing to bathe whatever the weather of the day. A custom-built escape game, with cultural anecdotes or not, allows groups to come and challenge the timer and escape from the room with the treasure. For the more athletic, you will find the bodybuilding complex “XIII Fit” to continue your training even during your stay here, you can do mountain biking, paragliding or canoeing. Come and put on your skates and slide on the ice thanks to the Porrentruy skating rink which will delight young and old.

Looking for a break? You can relax at the Ajoiespa spa and hammam. You can also do cultural activities such as visiting the Hôtel-dieu museum, the secret circuit of Porrentruy or Saint-Ursanne.

For a historical and playful side, we advise you to visit the caves of Réclère, to go to Jurassica and the excavations of Banné, or to walk in the botanical garden.

The Ajoie region allows all nature lovers to get away from it all. Indeed, several circuits are possible on foot, on horseback, by bike with “family” differences in altitude, suitable for all.

6. A rich environment: the Ajoie region

The Ajoie region offers many places to discover. Indeed located in a perimeter of 10-20 min you will cross the region between the slope Saint-Ursanne, the small medieval city impossible to circumvent and the city of Boncourt, on the French border.

5 minutes from Porrentruy by car or scooter, you can rest at the airfield of Bressaucourt, to see the planes and helicopters take off and land.

7. Stay in accommodations for all tastes

You will find many accommodations available in the area for all budgets, and all tastes. In Porrentruy and the surrounding area, there are bed and breakfasts, unusual accommodation, apartment hotels, hotels and campsites.

Appart’hotel spaces with event venues allowing groups of friends and family to meet for all types of events (EVG, EVJF, birthdays, etc.) are also available in Porrentruy and its region.

8. Easy access

You have several possibilities to visit and stay in Porrentruy. The Porrentruy train station is located directly in town and allows easy access to the city. If you come to stay with nights in the Ajoie region, you can benefit from the Jura Pass. This pass allows free access to public transport in the Jura region.

For car drivers, the city is located just off the A16 highway.

9. A city of events

Several emblematic events gathering a lot of people take place during the year like the Saint-Martin market in November, or musical festivals like the Rock’R Sauvage, 1st edition for August 2022, the music festival and other events.

The ice rink has become the meeting point for all Jurassiens. Indeed, ice hockey represents a real religion for them and events are not to be missed. When visiting Porrentruy, and during the ice hockey season (August to February/March), don’t hesitate to go and see one of the HCA (Hockey Club Ajoie) games in order to discover the atmosphere of the local sports culture.

10. Culinary diversity

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In Porrentruy, and in the Ajoie region, you will find many specialized restaurants. You can of course discover the local gastronomy with a fondue, a raclette, or taste the Ajoie sausage, but you can also diversify the sensations of your palate by eating a Syrian, Thai, Chinese, Italian, or even Portuguese dish.

Three restaurants located in Ajoie will also delight your taste buds with dishes classified chey Gault and Milau.

Come and visit us without further delay, we the irreducible Helvetians (thought of Asterix and Obelix)!

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