In the heart of Porrentruy

Chez Alain Prévu

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Instant Zen

1 Guest

CHF 180.- 

CHF 200.- 

CHF 210.- 

2 Guests

CHF 180.-

CHF 200.-

CHF 210.-

3 Guests

CHF 280.-

CHF 300.-

4 Guests

CHF 280.-

CHF 320.-

5 Guests

CHF 350.-

6 Guests

CHF 350.-

All Prices VAT included
CHF 16.-
CHF 10.-
Tourism Tax
CHF 3.- / Person / Night (Free for children up to 16 years old)
*Rates may be adapted according to high season or events in Ajoie

About Chez Alain Prévu

3 suites old town house.

There is a real and true story behind this name and inside this house. The old town house has been built in 1649 and it has been an orphanage and a religious house that apparently got burnt.

Then for decades from 1970, this house has been occupied by a woman and her husband that were very dirty. Not less than 50 cats were living in it. When a Swiss family decided to renovate it, you could see snow dropping in the kitchen from the roof. This Swiss couple, spent hours on this projet to reach an outstanding result.

Renovated in 2009, this old town house is well maintained as it is really a treasure. You can appreciate, a curvy rock cave, beautiful rocky stairs, authentic real wooden flooring, high-end Italian tiles, wooden stairs, roof top duplex with visible beam which has a relaxing outdoor terrace on the roof tops of Porrentruy.

We name it “Chez Alain Prévu” as it is a word playing standing for Unexpected.
Whenever you go to friend place without informing or planning, you say in French, I am going to see him unexpectedly (Je vais le voir à l’imprevu, then we split the expression “à l’imprevu” to find Alain Prévu). Don’t worry, no one living in this house named Alain.

Finally, this old town house meant for us, anyone is most welcome to get a free coffee if there are passing by. It is a house of sharing with others, caring of others, laughing together…

Parking can be found in the street of Annonciades, we are in Porrentruy and we can still find easily an empty space.



160 m2


Suite/Bedroom - 5
Number of Double bed - 3
Number of single bed - 4
Number of Sofa Bed - 1




Bathroom + Toilet - 3


Number of TV - 1



1 - Kitchen

Living Room

1 - Living Room


12 Guests

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We offer different combinations to meet your needs during the stay.

Currently we have the largest capacity to greet you in Porrentruy.

Guest house, hotel apartment or event venue, you can stay with us and feel like home. Our historic sites, dinosaur park, our culture, our traditional food, our spirit, our beautiful landscape perfectly any level for hiking or cycling will leave in you an amazing memory.