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5 Continents

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About the 5 Continents.

Live and enjoy in the heart of the old town of Porrentruy with the outstanding view of the castle.
The 5 continents has the 3 different views, the pedestrian street leading you to shops, restaurants in old town, the view on the new mall called esplanade which has some great reference as supermarket Migros, Denner, Coop but also other shops which fulfill any requirements: hair dresser, a fitness ( Let’s Go), an Asian restaurant, electronic store ( Fust), Pharmacy…
This property used to be the official drugstore of the town for decades.

This pinkish building offers you 3 floors of 160 square meter all linked by nice wooden stairs or a brand-new lift, all of them have a different layout which could suit your requirements.

5C1: 1st floor offers you a bright loft of 160sqm that can accommodate up to 8 guests.
It has 3 different 3purposes, Bed and Breakfast, Business and Event.


5C2: 2nd floor is a fully furnished 4 bedrooms flat with great sizes for all rooms.

Enter in the spirit of 4 continents, all rooms have been designed and decorated with touch of all 4 continents, Oceania, Asia, Africa, America.

5C3: 3rd a fully furnished 7 bedrooms flat of 160 sq meter.
Enter in the spirit the remaining continents, Europe, all rooms have been designed and decorated with touch of 7 European capital, Stockholm in Sweden, London in Great Britain, Paris in France, Athens in Greece, Amsterdam in Holland, Madrid in Spain and Porrentruy in Jura (of course, we had to do this )

Parking: all around the property.



Each floor has a space of 160 sq/m


1st Floor can accommodate up to 8 guests. 2nd Floor has 4 bedrooms 3rd Floor has 7 bedrooms.


High speed internet connection in the whole building.


Bathrooms in every floor


Flat TV in every room with access to many premium channels.


Panoramic view over the Castle and the Old Town streets.


Kitchen on every floor

Living Room

A Living Room on every floor


Up to 26 Guests

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We offer different combinations to meet your needs during the stay.

Currently we have the largest capacity to greet you in Porrentruy.

Guest house, hotel apartment or event venue, you can stay with us and feel like home. Our historic sites, dinosaur park, our culture, our traditional food, our spirit, our beautiful landscape perfectly any level for hiking or cycling will leave in you an amazing memory.

The 5 Continents.
Classic meets modern in the heart of Porrentruy